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GISD assists government in strengthening their public institutions, to help Lesotho fight corruption and support inclusive participation to ensure that no one is left behind. We support a variety of contexts to enhance inclusive political processes and institutions.

Governance Institute For Sustainable Development MD

Mr. Mzimkhulu Sithetho

Managing Director’s message

Global trends in the last three decades have dramatically changed the face of global governance. A decade preceding the 1990s (1980-1989) closed with harsh experiences on the global scale, marked by Structural Adjustment Programmes (SABs) of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Washington Consensus of 1989, which came with a set of ten free-market economic policies, also supported by the two Brettonwoods institutions. These policies were intended to constitute a ‘standard reform’ package promoted for crisis-wracked developing countries. However, on a positive note, the close of the decade was marked by the fall of the Berlin wall, which had separated East and West Germany. Also, 1989 marked the end of cold war.

The 1990 was a decade of hope, eventful as it was, and which also marked the end of the 20 th century. It marked one of the important events on the global scale, the release of South African longest serving political prisoner and freedom fighter – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela who left prison walls on 11 February 1990.

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