About us

About us

Theory Of Change

Our belief system about what we do

Through dialogue and debates,

we will empower citizens to obtain information from those in power to inform their citizen participation in the discourse of development,

Through research and development,

we will be able to obtain information from various sources, which help the government to make informed development policy decisions for the benefit of the citizens,

Through capacity-building,

we will create a responsive, ethical, inspirational and exemplary leadership that is a true servant of the people,

What We Do

These are the giants within society that the GISD endeavours to slay for the benefit of future generations

No co-existence between companies and the environment in which they operate

Weak internal and operational business processes within organisations

Poor corporate, economic, democratic and political governance within organisations

Weak political, business/corporate and youth leadership

Our Core Values

we are very core value driven

Posterity consciousness

We will seek to address the needs and aspirations of the current generation, but in so doing, avoid to comprise the ability of future generations to have their own needs

Positive attitude

We will adopt a positive attitude towards change, knowing that change is inevitable.

Professional aptitude

We will pursue excellence in performance of duties and endeavoring to increase proficiency in all areas of responsibility

Proactive spirit

We will seek to pursue our vision not from a reactive point of view, not waiting to be triggered by circumstances, but take a deliberate in all what we do

Our Governance & Management

How we manage and help instutitions

Governing Council

This is the highest decision-making body of the Institute, which exercises oversight over the operations of the
Institute, approves budgets and assesses performance of the organization as well as ensure that a good corporate
governance culture prevails.

Executive Management

This structure is at the strategic decision-making of the Institute. It conceptualizes programmes and projects as well
as monitor progress on the implementation of strategy as well as assess performance of middle and lower levels. It
should ensure that there are resources to employees of the Institute.

Line Management

Line management sits as the implementation of programmes and projects and produces periodic reports to
executive management on progress made in the implementation of the Institute’s programmes .


These are food soldiers who are at the lower base of the organization and their role is to implement the designed
programmes and projects in line with the Institute’s strategy and policies.

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