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Economic, social and governance framework

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Entrepreneurship | organisational culture | value creation

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30 Years of Press Freedom, what has been achieved?

Digital Literacy and Digital Governance

Who we are

The Governance Institute for Sustainable Development is an independent think tank that:

  •  promotes adherence to good governance principles
  •  promotes effective leadership and instills a culture of entrepreneurship,
  •  advocates for creation of effective organizational culture within organisations, value creation and employee satisfaction,
  • undertakes policy analysis, policy analysis, policy advocacy and effective economic development,
  • builds the capacity of leaders in various spheres - political, business and other leadership

Our Vision


  •  Adherence to the cardinal tenets of good governance by organizations and companies for future generations to meet their own needs and aspiration.


  •  A think-tank and management consultancy firm of global choice in advancing the cause of good governance, effective leadership and research.

Our Mission

  • Embracing good governance practices by organizations and companies
    and open dialogue on governance issues in Lesotho.
  • Assessment of public, private and civil society organizations' governance score cards.
  • Capacity-building of young leaders to prepare them for future political and business leaders and to ensure women and youth participation in the economy,
  • Building intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship spirits within private and public enterprises for optional growth and plough back to society,
  • Researching several areas to produce credible and testable data which contributes to economic and policy decisions informed by empirical data,

Our Goal

  • ......a nation that is good governance savvy in practice and which has the future
    generations at the hindsight in all its operations

Our Programmes

A vehicle for achieving goals and objectives

Dialogue Debate Programme

Effective Leadership Programme

Women and Youth Development Programme

Our Projects

Carefully planned enterprises for achieving a particular goal & aim

What we achieved


    Promoting governance

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    Research & development

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    Dialogue, debates and information exchange

    Youth for change development progarmme

Advent of young leaders occupying political space to replace old guard

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Lesotho 2

Online Magazine

A platform for informed dialogue, debate and exchange of views on national issues

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Our Strategic Focus Areas


Governance, leadership & democratic consolidation

▪ Corporate governance savvy organizations and institutions 
▪ Effective, exemplary and inspirational leadership 
▪ Empowered youth who are inspired to become responsive & responsible future citizens 
▪ Culture of dialogue and debate for consensus-building within society 
▪ Political and electoral governance,
▪ e-governance and e-business for economic growth & development
▪ Women development for futures,
▪ Dialogue and debates for consensus-building 

Entrepreneurship, organizational culture & value creation

▪ Efficient organizations and institutions with a capable human capital base
▪ Transforming societies into entrepreneurs,
▪ Entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace,
▪ Good corporate culture change in the workplace,
▪ Effective human capital analysis, development and promotion,
▪ Private sector development for competitiveness,
▪ Value-creation through ICT absorption and adaptation,
▪ Effective internal business processes within organizations,
▪ Strategic thinking, planning and implementation facilitation 
▪ Ethical and professional practices within organizations and institutions

Policy research, analysis, advocacy and economic development

▪ National and sectoral/organizational policy analysis, 
▪ Policy research and analysis and proposing policy alternatives ,
▪ Smart partnerships for economic development and community inclusivity,
▪ Conducting opinion polls for a variety of issues,
▪ Bringing youth and women on board in economic development,
▪ Promoting an effective economic governance architecture for Lesotho,
▪ Promoting effective financial management for Lesotho,
▪ Developing and publishing policy briefs and policy insights,
▪ Micro and macroeconomic assessment and analysis and promotion of fiscal 
prudence in Lesotho

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