The GISD and SAIIA held an initial pre-planning meeting with 14 non-state actors on 27 July 2021. The purpose was to introduce the CSO sector of Lesotho to the popular sensitization project and to invite them to participate in the process of country review under the APRM. Later on, on 25 August 2021, A non-state actors sensitization workshop was held to take lessons from other African countries, which had completed their civil society APRM submissions to share their experiences. The aim was to encourage peer learning and to help Lesotho‘s NSAs in their journey towards formulating a civil society-led APRM process to lobby governing authorities in Lesotho to marshal the country to the second-generation country review. The participating NSAs formed a Working Group on the APRM under the LAPS. The GISD coordinates the project and has since convened virtual meetings with the Working Group.


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